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of contracts at arlington national cemetery. the nation most revered in secret aerial ground for veteran and their family. at the hearing, we reviewed the findings of a june 2010 report by the army inspector general, which found hundreds of mistakes this is needed with grade and gross mismanagement at the cemetery's leadership. the subcommittee also investigated how the mismanagement of contracts to implement a new automated system to manage barros contributed to those mistakes. the subcommittee found that problems with greaves was more extensive than previously acknowledged in thousands of graves were potentially risk of being unmarked, improperly marked him as they put on the cemetery map. the subcommittee investigation also found that officials at the cemetery and army failed to conduct basic oversight. for example, arlington's former leadership approved projects to automate and digitize aerial records, which resulted in millions of dollars in contracts over a decade, without producing one usable products. in addition, there have been no review or audit of the cemetery for over a deca
to arlington and performance metrics against which ita will be measured, they do not specifically address ita's contract management roles and responsibilities in support of arlington requirements. although officials told us that they clearly understand their responsibilities, the question is, what happens in the future when there are new personnel in place? going forward, sustained attention on the part of arlington and its partners will be important to insure that contracts of all types and risk levels are managed effectively. third, with respect to dedicated contract staffing arrangements three contract specialist positions have been identified for arlington but have not yet been filled. arlington is presently receiving support from the fort belvoire contracting office in the form of ten positions, five of which are funded by arlington and five by fort belvoire. .. >> for the most part, dod agreed that there is me to take action and have provided time frames for doing so. we will continue to monitor their progress. madam chair and members of the subcommittee, this concludes my s
into the 50-degree readings in leesburg. 58 in arlington and 51 in laurel. i'm talking about arctic air headed this way and maybe some snow showers. >>> back yard chicken battle has come to arlington county where some residents are crying fowl over what they describe as excessively tough love regarding chicken farming. last night attended a meeting. which included some impassioned debates. >> start with a good ag and can't go wrong. >> tom loves eating eggs. >> i recently learned how to make a frittata. >> he is hoping to raise chickens in his back yard. fresh eggs will always be available to him and his family. >> feed a hen properly the eggs are healthier than what you can get. >> carter is one of the leaders of the arlington egg project. a group of residents now hatching a plan to make it easier for people to raise their own chickens in arlington. tonight carter was making his case for back yard chickens during the monthly meeting of the arlington committee of 100. an influential community organization. >> a combination of health concerns, nutrition concerns, environmental concerns. >> the
chicken battle has come to arlington county where some residents are crying foul over what they described as excessively strict laws governing chicken farming. >> this is becoming more popular and tonight a debate at a university. matt jablow has details. >> you start with a good egg and you can't go wrong. >> reporter: tom carter loves eating eggs. all kinds. >> i've recently learned how to cook with them. >> reporter: he is now hoping to raise chickens in his back yard so fresh eggs will always be available to him and his family. >> if you feed them properly, the eggs will be much healthier than what you get at the grocery store. >> reporter: he is one of the leaders of the arlington egg projects, a group of residents now hatching a plan to make it easier for people to raise their own chicken in arlington. tonight carter was making his case for back yard chickens during the monthly meeting of the arlington committee of 100. an influential community organization. >> it's a combination of health concerns, nutrition concerns, environmental concerns. >> reporter: the way the law is written
at arlington national cemetery this afternoon. investigators found people buried in the wrong place, unmarked graves and misplaced headstones at arlington. an investigation of other military cemeteries found similar problems. we'll have live coverage of this afternoon at 2:30 eastern. also arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords has resigned from the u.s. house. with a standing ovation from her colleagues more than a year after she was gravely wounded by a would-be assassin. she formerly resigned after a series of tribute from her colleagues today. she is stepping down to focus on her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head. see the tribute and read her resignation letter on our website, >> live picture now from the u.s. capitol. senate radio tv gallery. senate leaders are holding a news conference this afternoon to call on republicans to join them implementing the president's plan for economic fairness for the middle class. it was part of president obama's speech of the state of the union speech last night. expected to speak, senators harry reid, richard durbin, charles schume
soldiers killed in afghanistan will be buried today at arlington national cemetery. ronald willdrick jr. was killed on december 11th. >>> today is the second anniversary of the massive earthquake in hay hee. another 1 million left homeless. thousands of survives continue to live in makeshift tent cities. yesterday they marched in the streets of port-au-prince to remember the lives lost and to protest the slow recovery process. >>> the obama administration emphatically denies having any role in wednesday's kills of an iranian nuclear scientist. a motorcycle rider attached a magnetic bomb to a car that was carrying a scientist. by the time the blast tore apart the car the motorcycles were gone. and the attack killed the scientist and his driver. they are blaming the agents linked to israel and backed by the united states and britain. >>> 4:37 now. coming up, 1,000 new jobs may be coming to the washington region soon. >>> and at 4:42. the company which makes the country's most popular snacks food files for bankruptcy protection. >>> we're back with your weather first, that's coming up in t
arlington en este aÑo 2012... lilian mass nos dice como planean lograrlo.. segÚn la triple a, el condado de arlington es uno de los condados con una de las mejores economÍas en la naciÓn, es un lugar pequeÑo y con una poblaciÓn diversa y ha sido calificado como uno de los lugares mas seguros para vivir en el Área .. opinio que don chris comparte . arlington es un buen lugar para vivir es muy seguro, sano, hay mucha ayuda y especielmente para los niÑos de la escuela y para todos los estudiantes hay mucho apoyo en ese sentido con un hispano como vice presidente la junta de condado de arlington dio a conocer sus nuevos planes para mejorar la seguridad para peatones y usuarios de bicicletas, y ademÁs incorporar un concepto algo inusual un concepto que si usted vive o visita el condado de arlington le parecerÁ un poco descabellado pero para el concejal tejada no es imposible . vamos a asegurarnos de que podamos tener jardines compartidos, jardines comunitarios, poder tener talvez techos verdes, ver como podemos tener gallinas en algunas casas que se puedan tener porque n
members of parliament. and in about 45 minutes, a hearing on the management of arlington national cemetery. >>> we have several live events to tell you about this morning. the senate intelligence committee's annual hearing on global threats to the u.s. is on c-span at 10:00. witnesses are scheduled to include director of national intelligence james clapper, david petraeus, the head of the cia, the director of the defense intelligence agency, lieutenant general ronald burgess jr., fbi director robert mueller, homeland security undersecretary caryn wagner, and matthew olsen. also at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span3, the senate banking committee hears from richard cordray, the head of the consumer financial protection bureau. >> canadian lawmakers returned to the house of commons monday following their l holiday break. prime minister l stephen harper, the leader of the conservative party and his cabinet team answered several questions about the economy including proposed changes to canada's pension system. last week prime minister harper talked about canada's economy at the world economic forum in
de otros problemas.. en arlington impulsan una iniciativa para permitir la crianza de gallinas en los patios..alfredo miranda nos explica esta singular iniciativa... efectivamente norma, buenas noches, es una iniciativa que permitiria a muchos residentes latinos, especialmente, poder criar gallinas y cultivar sus pequenhos huertos con el proposito de procurarse alimento a bajo costo. melquiades vive en arlington virginia, nos cuenta que en su natal honduras, tenia animales domesticos en su casa. teniamos gallinas, patos, colotes, especialemente el pato es muy bueno para uno el huevo de pato. nat. sus recuerdos pronto podrian ser parte de su rutina. el concejal de arlington walter tejada tiene la iniciativa de implementar la denominada agricultura urbana en ese condado.tiene que de jardines, techos verdes y la posibilidad de que se puedan tener gallinas en lospatios de las viviendas que tenemos en arlington en un lugar urbano. el concepto de agricultura urbana nace de la necesidad de acceder a alimentos economicos y de proteccion del medio ambiente estamso en un lugar donde la comid
with breaking news. police are checking out a suspicious package at arlington national cemetery. the package is located on the sidewalk of memorial avenue. this is impacting both traffic and the metro. at last check, the rams r leading to memorial drive are closed right now. shuttle bus services are operating from rosslyn. police just began reopening the lanes on the beltway. a dump truck knocked over had signed on the inner loop near the interchange at 395. the right shoulder remains blocked and crews are still assessing damage to the overhead signed. moving on to the daring rescue by the same elite team that killed osama bin laden. this time, american hostages are coming home. brianne carter has been following this unfolding story all morning long. >> while millions were watching the president delivered the state of the union last night seal team 6 was wrapping up the mission of rescuing an american woman who i'd been taken hostage months ago. the president gave the order months ago beforebefore it was too late. jessica buchanan is on her way home after being held for months by somali pira
. the documentation so that we can transfer as you mentioned a bit earlier, where there's going to be at arlington cemetery. we want to make sure the right procedures and documents are in place to facilitate any transition from the current executive director to one that would follow. those be the two biggest and i think the other one if i could just add one more would be the overall long-term expansion of the cemetery to be able to accommodate the burials. i think that would be one of the we need to really make sure that we have the right plants that have been executed. i know ms. condon and her campaign that has gone after that. those, in my mind those are the big three. >> martin? >> yes, i will certainly fall back to the area that i'm most familiar with come which is the contact management and oversight. and you mentioned the fact of the funds that had not been recovered. and that's especially important to have accurate contact data because that allows you to be able to track and identify where the funds are. in our report we talk about the fact arlington also has no your money. so with money t
from he arlington national c. cemetery. the missing funds amount tt about a quarter of the the information was revealed during a hearing in washington investigated for fraud aad ng mismanagement. those with this country are demanding an - explanation. (12:32:35) "but right now, if i had a relative who had to be buried at arlington or any other cemetery, iid say no....!" (12:33:00) "i'd be afraid that the remains of my family a senate hearing also revealed that there are more than 400-thousand people buried at arlington. thats 70-thousand more than the cemetery had originally estimated. 3 3 high stakes... and high drama. as karii caifa explains... four g-o-p candidates squared off in a ccucial florida debate ttursday night... but the rivalry betteen two presidential hopefuls ttok centerrstage. 3 a battle in a battleground. locked in aavirtual tie in the runup tootuesday's florida primary, mitt rommey and neet gingrich fought faceeto-face in jacksonville thursday night -- starting out by sparring over thh best approach to illegal immigration."i'm also ppepared to be realistic, beca
. it is supposed to start actually feeling like january. we are live in arlington. >> thank you. we're monitoring a developing in the district where d.c. askingincent gray is police to remove occupy protesters from and move themre to freedom plaza. occupy d.c. has held camp since last october. mcpherson square is on u.s. park the mayor does not have the authority to order their removal. of you have shared your thoughts on our facebook page about this. most agree with the mayor. have a disturbing follow- up to these videos showing metro into cars and metro buses, even people. our news partners at wtop first discovered these videos. less than 24 hours later, our captured and another bus driving in reverse evening rush hour on of the busiest highways. we are live with more on this video you will want to see. >> we're starting to get a lot to this one. off of 395is exit 8b north arlington. a metro bus driver who decided the wrong exitff be an excellent place to throw his boss in reverse. -- bus in reverse. >> that is scary. could not believe what were seeing. >> that is crazy. >> in rush hour, the bu
in reston. and even 55 in arlington and bethesda as you work your way up here in rockville. and the satellite picture, radar combined. that will show the rain and showers now, entering west virginia. those are the showers late tonight. another couple hours, it will be dry here. and late tonight, probably midnight. if they do. the colder air will move in and you could see them change by dawn here. and do not anticipate any problems with the roads whatsoever. they will make it back into the 30s. we'll come back and talk about wnew. we're going to partner with them and we'll provide weather for 99.1. again, their launch date is next week. and weather every four minutes. we'll talk about that and meet some of the news anchors as you come back with the full weather. back to you. >> thank you, top. >>> coming up, banned from walking to school. why everybody, they will be riding the bus in one northern virginia school. >>> but first, the the local community will be honoring the bravery of the fallen soldier. after they say their final good- byes. we'll be back with more. >>> the f
. >>> a look now at the morning's other top stories. more troubling reports out of arlington national cemetery. cemetery officials say $12 million in taxpayer funds alcalletted over a six-year period cannot be accounted for. they are trying to find out where the money went. the news came at a senate hearing yesterday. part of the cemetery's efforts to fix years of mismanagement. also at yesterday's hearing, the director said as many as 400,000 graves may be located at the site ininstead of the 320,000 listed for visitors. >>> yonathan melaku is an ex- marine from alexandria. he is charged in five separate shootings. >>> new details this morning about the dramatic rescue of two workers held by somali pirates. 32-year-old american jessica buchanan and 60-year-old paul haggen thisted were working as part of and lost fall. seal team six parachuted into the area and rescued the aid workers. >> good job tonight. >> everything is good. >> president obama gave the go ahead for the rescue at 9:00 monday night after a national security briefing at around 6:45 tuesday night, he was told both of the aid w
ronald wildrick will be buried at arlington national cemetery and there will be a funeral procession from woodsboro. he died last month after his truck hit an ied in afghanistan. >> the region is marking the 30 years since air florida flight 90 crashed into the potomac river. survivors and rescuers today will honor 78 people who died with a wreath-laying. it crashed into the 14th street bridge after taking off from what is now reagan national during a snowstorm. it was blamed on icing and pilot error. an orange line train also derailed that day and three passengers died and 25 others were injured. >> metro safety is back in the spotlight after another rough week for the transit agency. >> vincent gray will join the governors of maryland and virginia in a meeting today to discuss the troubles. jummy olabanji is live in arlington with a preview. >> this meeting comes at a very important time for metro because of safety issues that have arisen in the past couple weeks especially one that happened last night that our cameras were the only ones to catch. metrobus going in reverse down 395 duri
will be buried friday at arlington national cemetery. >> turning now to vote 2012. new hampshire is in the rearview mirror and now it is all about south carolina. all the republican candidates spent the day campaigning in the state. mitt romney has already finding lower expectations. he admitted that he will have an uphill battle in south carolina. we will have much more on today's developments coming up at 6:00. >> new video obtained by our news partners shows a large number of accidents involving metro buses. these videos are from the bus- cameras and they show collisions and close calls putting pedestrians and other drivers in danger. >> the videos come from the- court cameras installed in every metro bus that is on the road. you can hear the reaction inside the bus from the passengers. the video show all types of metro bus accidents. this bus hit an suv. other buses are seen blowing through red lights. this video of a pedestrian being hit is what brought the biggest reaction from bus riders to spoke with today. >> oh, my goodness. >> this man rides the bus every day and was n
>>> thanks for joining us, i'm jc hayward. we begin with breaking news from arlington. police from several agencies are investigating a suspicious package on memorial drive. part of that road and other streets near arlington cemetery are closed. metro alert say that trains are passing by the arlington cemetery station without stopping because of police activity. shuttle bus service is available from the rosalind station. >>> and in the last 90 minutes, representative gabrielle giffords bid farewell to her colleagues on capitol hill. giffords announced she would resign this week to focus on her recovery. the arizona democrat was shot in the head last january while meeting with constituents. she stood next to fellow congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz as her friends shared giffords' thoughts. >>> it has been the greatest proposals privilege of her life -- the greatest professional privilege of her life to it represent them. her public service has meant a great deal to her and that this is only a pause in that public service and that she will return one day. [ applause ] >> the a
is light rain. a bit of light rain in fairfax county, arlington, the district, now moving into southern montgomery county. and east of washington, prince gor george's county getting a few sprinkles. further south and west getting a few sprinkles south of warrenton in southern fauquier county. we're all above freezing. we will stay above freezing this morning. sunrise 7:19. occasional light showers this morning, then a greater chance of steadier rain moving in the later part of the afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s this afternoon. a mild evening coming up. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. >> i am seeing some sprinkles on the roadways but no problems for you. volume is light, and at that time no real accidents at all. taking the beltway, this is a look at the beltway at university boulevard. you can see volume is light on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. travel speeds, really good at 56 miles per hour. if you cross over the wilson bridge and head into virginia this is a look at van dorn street. the beltway in virginia, your issu
at temperatures in the mid-50s in rockville. 56 in arlington. now, down to 53 at national. but no 40s yet. oh, i'll take that back. 48 in annapolis. but look at that in leesburg. satellite picture, radars combined. there are the showers, just west of charleston. now, those will get in after midnight as the cold air moves in. well, we may see the showers turn to snow showers by dawn tomorrow. so increasing cloudiness with showers that are possibly changing to snow by dawn. lows in the 30s. winds are southwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. i'll come back and talk about why i didn't lie with the news. the reason why? well, they launch next thursday and we're in partnership with it. we'll provide the weather and have weather every four minutes, it will debut at 5:00 a.m. next thursday and it will be more of a focus for you on the local news. i'll be talking to some of the anchors when we come back here in about 15 minutes. >> thanks a lot, topper. >>> and talk about a sad story here. three teenagers were shot and they are recovering from the gunshot wounds tonight. where it is happening though, this is the
. >>> an arlington man pleaded guilty to first degree murder. he is project irk. clark, iii. -- roger k. clark, iii. police found carl diener's body in a straight in a clarendon neighborhood. it took a year and a half to make an arrest. clark will be sentenced in april. >>> see if you recognize this man, 76-year-old john mawkins, who was last seen leaving his house in temple hills last night and hasn't been seen since. hawkins was driving a 2005 green chrysler 300 like this one with a maryland license plate of the letter a and numbers 056455. if you've seen john hawkins or his car, please call police. >>> a 4-year-old boy is blamed for starting a fire in waldorf. investigators say the child was playing with a lighter when he lit a mattress on fire tuesday and the flames spread from the bedroom causing major damage to a duplex there. nobody was seriously hurt, but the fire spread to the home next-door where neighbors say they barely got out in time. >> a lot of smoke and it was hard to breathe and i was trying to run. we have five animals. i was trying to run and get the animals out so they wouldn't
other military sites, including the pentagon. no one hurt. but last june, he was caught at arlington national cemetery, about to move on the grave markers of the fallen military personnel, who served in iraq and afghanistan. he had a backpack full of the pneumonia nitrate, enough to make a bomb. they believe they caught him just in time before more violence would escalate, especially after what they found in his closet. >> the fbi seized a list for you that was titled timer. and on this list, he had nine components for them and for a detonator or a trigger for the explosive device. >> reporter: and basically they will be demonstrating that for you that the violent home grown extremism is present in our community. >> and the next time i turn on this video. >> reporter: at the federal courthouse in alexandria, surae chinn, 9news now. >> he faces up to 25 years in prison. he's expected to be sentenced in april. >>> and we're gathering more information for you tonight on the breaking news out of prince george's county. and the former corrections officers, on charges related to first-degr
. tomorrow night will be the cold night temperature wise. mainly in the upper 20s. 28 in arlington. 28 downtown. maybe 27 in college park. out to the west, notice no real drop off. 27 in reston. only 26 in sterling. 25 in leesburg, manassas, and middleberg. tomorrow we'll see a wider range as skies clear out. partly cloudy in the morning. windy, very cold. windchills 5 to 15. temperatures in the 20s to around 30. temperatures really will struggle to go up at all tomorrow. partly sunny, windy. a couple flurries possible. highs only around 32 and the winds continue northwest at 15 to 25 and gusting. that is the key. so temperatures tomorrow will struggle to get to the freezing mark. rockville maybe 33. maybe 33 downtown. and maybe 33 over toward andrews. that is about it. let's break it down. 20s to start. 28 to 32 by noon. windy across the board and 29 to 34 by evening. windy right through the evening. all right, next three days. it is still going to be cold on wednesday. 34. look what happens, only chilly on thursday. 42. that is actually an average day in january. next seven days, loo
and absolute because she wanted to use it in veterans day in arlington. i heard this just the other day. the radio broadcaster told me that he told me that night he was just a young guy in arlington and there in the crowd he heard the shot in the final tribute to kennedy at the gravesite. and there in the crowd he saw nixon. there is a story. that date that it would've have been had. >> host: 80 seconds. where's his place place in history? >> guest: hero, >> the name of the book is "democracy remixed: black youth and the future of american politics." the author is a university of chicago professor cathy cohen. professor cohen, is there an alienation between black youth of today and the older black generations? >> i think that there's a generational side. we've heard, for example, in the words of bill cosby who at times has ranted against part of this generation for not doing i think what he perceives to be kind of the respectable right thing to do to succeed in society. there is a concern that we often hear from older members of black generations about, for example, rap music as i thin
-- is having a negative on businesses. we are live in arlington. >> this is one of those businesses, the ice rink. it is empty right now. it is closed. earlier, it here a different of scene. evenmployees tell us that business that banks on the weather, it is too cold for them. on any weekday, they would see people filling up the ice rink. today -- 15 total. we have >> on a handful were brave to battle with take to the ice. >> when it gets cold or windy, the number will drop. >> from one isaac to another. -- ice rink to another. how many layers do you have on? >> two, three, four. >> i did not bring one. it was a bad idea. >> this woman is her in to get to her seat. -- is hurrying to get to her seat. it is driving the mercury down teens. with the wind, it is making it a at he says to get that check, he choice. job.have to do the >> employees of here tell us typical weekend they on the up to 100 people ice. expected to get back up the 50's this weekend. live in arlington. >> thank you. for more on this cold spell, video, plus, to see radar, and for the updated forecast, just click on
yet. in arlington abc 7 news. >> thank you. a plea hearing is set today for a man accused in a scandal including harry thomas jr.. he pleaded guilty to peddling $53,000 in funds. marshall banks had a nonprofit. he allegedly gave him money for programs that never happened. he covered it up. it is getting harder to find a glass of orange juice. >> there is talk about a possible big merger between a couple of airlines. linda bell is live at the bloomberg headquarters of the new york. >> good morning. it seems the airlines keep getting bigger and bigger. sources say that u.s. airways and capital had their eye on them. bac in april, the ceo hinted that he sees one big left in the domestic industry in the u.s. air would be involved. let's look at delta air lines. delta is also using them to help steady options to acquire american as well. we have more drama over orange juice. if the fda is detaining or to do shipments. -- orange juice shipments. shipment of in and mexico are not being affected by this investigation. this is the chemical in question. it is not used in the crops. did not tell
at arlington national cemetery. a report from arlington claimed thousands of graves were misidentified or misplaced. this new v.a. investigation says there are dozens of misplaced headstones and at least eight cases of people buried in the wrong place at national burial grounds in texas, ohio, new mexico, new jersey, maryland, and pennsylvania. most of the problems are blamed on sloppy renovation work. >>> 4:36. this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of a loved one struck and killed in the parking lot of an elementary school in prince george's county. police say a driver in a maintenance van backed over 48-year-old bernet tucker may at samuel chase elementary school yesterday morning. her family tells news4 she was walking to the bus stop to visit her father. her daughter is tameka butler. >> heartbroken. i lost my best friend. breaks my heart that my mother had to die like that. >> no students were on campus at the time because it was a school holiday. the driver is cooperating with police. no charges have been filed. >>> prince george's county police are investigating
will be buried at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. >> we are following this during allegations against members of the marine corps. the pentagon is investigating a troubling video making the rounds on the internet. john gonzalez is at the pentagon this morning with more. good morning. >> good morning. the picture we are about to show its graphic and disturbing. it comes from a mysterious video that has provoked a well-known local muslim group to send a letter to defense secretary leon panetta condemning the video. a pentagon spokesperson calls it deeply troubling. this morning the marine corps is investigating this disturbing videotape that recently surfaced on youtube depicting what appears to be four marines urinating on the corpses of taliban fighters. military officials are trying to figure out if the video is real. the graphic video is already creating a strong backlash among the muslim community in d.c. the council on islamic american relations quickly condemned the video, calling it disgusting and immoral. a marine corps spokesperson released a statement saying allegations of ma
in arlington, 26 in bowie, 25 in leesburg. before you leave the door this morning, grab the umbrella and raincoats. you will need them by lunchtime. from noon until the evening and the drive home, areas of rain, moderate to heavy at times a special after sunset44 the heigh. 44 degrees this afternoon. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. well into the 50's. >>> growing volume on 66 and 95 in virginia. looks good across the 14th street bridge. quiet on the beltway at the wilson bridge. newschopper 7 was flying over 270 at the beltway. traffic is moving at a normal pace. 270 at falls road as normal volume. the pace is steady. back to you. >> thank you. >>> nearly 100% of the precincts reporting in new hampshire, mitt romney makes it official. \ the former massachusetts governor won last night's republican primary with about 40% of the vote. ron paul was next with 23%. jon huntsman with 17%. the gop race coast of south carolina. mitt romney will try to lock down the nomination early. john gonzalez has been following all this. he is in the newsroom with a look back at last night's results and wh
, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, howard county, around baltimore. further south down interstate 95, stafford to spotsylvania, it's raining harder. that's going to be moving into the metro area over the next few hours. there's going to be wet pavement. right now, la plata, 61 degrees. pax river, 63. fredericksburg at 64. culpeper, 64. and some of that mild air is going to be coming up our way. farther west and north, it's only in the 30s. frederick, hagerstown, upper 30s. quite a contrast in temperatures around the region. here's your day planner -- big changes on the way, hovering in the 50s to around 60 through the morning hours. some passing showers. then getting windy as we clear out this afternoon, down to the low 50s by 5:00. then much colder tonight, we'll look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic for friday morning. good morning. >>> good morning, checking our roadways, i'm not really seeing any issues and travel speeds really good at this time if you're ready to hit the road. traveling westbound 50 making your way from 301 to the beltway, you're at 66 miles per hour.
of property. reilly is believed to be the father of the 2-year-old boy. >>> police in arlington county have a huge number to be proud of. zero. that's how many murders were reported in 2011. even though homicides are not common there, the zero hasn't happened in 50 years. chris zimmerman says community policing and a good local economy have helped keep crime down in general. >>> drivers on one busy arlington roadway will be able to find out how long it will take to get to their destination. the plan is to install a real time travel system which includes message signs for drivers. the county is still looking for a contractor to build a ten mile communications network. it would be built along clarendon and glebe road, columbia pike and lee highway. >>> the old lewinsville road bridge is coming down. demolition is set for tonight at 11:00. the bridge is one of 20 that have been replaced during the construction of the new high occupancy toll lanes. it is expected to take 3 to 4 weeks to remove them. work would take place over the overnight hours. >>> iranian leaders believe they have proven th
, arlington, fairfax counties. we should make it another five or six degrees higher than we are now. there is rue from space. we have a clear sky over much of the region now after a few morning clouds came through. it is not going to last long if you see quite a bit of cloudiness coming into southwestern virginia are southern west virginia and farther west and south there is a big rain system stretches from the tennessee valley all the way to texas. that will be arriving here tomorrow. but for this afternoon, partly sunny and chilly with a light wind. temperatures climbing up to the upper 40s to near 50 degrees and then the clouds roll in tonight and that rain arrives tomorrow. i will tell you when and how much i think we may get. a look at had a and how long it might last and a look at the weekend coming right up. barbara? >> we are going -- ready for the weekend. thanks a lot. >>> other news, 14-year-old boy is in the hospital now after getting hit by a car. prince george's county police say that he was on pascataway road when the accident happened. a medical helicopter took him t
of west virginia, montgomery and fairfax counties are down into the low teens. arlington county, mid teens. mid teens in prince george's county. much of southern maryland and near the bay, upper teens near 20. and the view from space showing a clear sky now. you may see a few streaks of light that would be from the quadrantid meteor shower on its way now. you might see a few if you glance for a few seconds before you head on out. you definitely want to layer up with temperatures so cold, it's going to stay below freezing all the way until noontime. it may get above freezing as clouds close in after a sunny morning, a cloudy afternoon. we'll have lighter winds today, only a small chance of maybe a few flurries this afternoon, nothing like the snow showers we saw yesterday. a look at your evening planner, some milder air beginning to move in tonight. we'll look at that in ten minutes at 5:11. here's a look at our wednesday morning traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> it's looking just a little better if you're taking the beltway at river road on the inner loop. had an acciden
they have the right guy in a serial arson case. >>> i'm julie carey in arlington, virginia. 2011 passes without a single 2011 passes without a single ho li s 2011 passes without a single ho id li s m ba llral,was 2011 passes without a single ho id unl m ba llral,was 2011 passes without a single vet.veou is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >>> within a day after a national park service ranger was shot and killed, police think the body found might be that of the gunman. pierce county washington sheriff's department has not confirmed if that's the body of benjamin barnes. they believe he's responsible for shooting margaret anderson after speeding through a check point at mt. rainier national park. they found it from the air on a search. it
...passed away. and pia jordan turned tt arlington national cemetery. (12:30:22) "i thought (cemetery nats ??) - jordan quickly learned justt how difficult gaining approval to bury her mother here could be..... (12:35:40) "i think because it was so disjointed. this person got the information this person got the information. ii juut didn't seem to be a cohesive unit." for year andda half, washington lawmakers have probed allegations of fraud ann mismanagemmnt at the cemetery. it came to light after hundreds of headstones wereediscoveredd discarded in a creekbed behind the cemmtery this week, lawwakers learnnd more disturbing news....that 12- million dollars ii missing.... (3:55) (youtube video) "weeve got waste weve got fraud. we've got the trifecta and we have it coming from the national treasure...." (abell stand-up) (13:47:53) "arlington has been under fire for failing to keep accurate records of everyone who's buried there. some cemeteries records. a task arlington is pow undertakiing." (12:32:35) ""ut right now, if i had a relative who had to be
constellations are twinkling bright limit it's down into the teens in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties and much of the region in the teens. the blue ridge, northern neck into the mid 20s as well as the eastern shore. have some clouds closing in from the west, those will be moving in towards us during the day with highs around 40 degrees. evening planner in 20 minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> the beltway, no issues for you. 66 looks good. 395 looks good. not seeing a lot of issues. the big problem this morning is on new york avenue, heading towards montana avenue. the water main break is slowing you down and causes you problems. tracee wilkins is here live now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what it's looking like out here. all of that white stuff over there on new york avenue, that's all of the salt that they're packing down on this road to deal with this water main break and the effects of it. you can see the salt truck is still laying that salt down to try to make this an easier commute for folks. lo
look at arlington boulevard. inner loop, you are jammed from braddock all the way to i-66. and also taking a look at the inner loop at gw parkway here crews are working in the left shoulder lane. as well as the cones are up in the left lane but you are clear as you make your way across. and if you are traveling on i-270, absolutely clear here. north and south. no accidents to report. no delays at this time. back to you. >> okay. thank you. >> it can cost you more to ride metro soon. trance it agency unveiled a fwhuj budget proposal that calls for an increase 5% for bus and rail fares. eun yang is here now with the budget breakdown. >> this morning, metro unveiled a new fare hike proposal. it is all part after new budget proposal designed to help eliminate the 116 million shortpalm. proposal calls for a 5% increase to bus and rail fares and to eliminate the peak of the peak surcharge. biggest change is for paper fare card users. no matter how long you ride whether it is a one-stop or ten you will have to pay one-day flat fares. riders will pay $6 during rush hour and $4 in off-peak t
have been filed. 12-million dollars is missing from the arlington national cem. cemetery.the issing funds amount to about a quarter of tte cemetery's annual budget. the information was revealed during a hearing in washington where the cemetery fraud and miimanagement. thhse with loved ones who have fought for this country are demanding an explanation. (12:32:35) "but riggt now, if i had a relative who had to be buried at arlington or any other cemetery, i'd say no....!" (12:33:00) "i'd be afraid that the remains of my family member would be isho" dishonored.. a ssnate pearing also revealed that there are more than 400--housand people buried at arlington. thats 70- ttousand more than the cemetery had originalll estimated. 3 p your i-tunes and apps could soon coot you more.'s all part of governor o'malley's proposed internet would add maryland's 6- percent sales tax for downloading an i-tunes song or purchase cost one dollar and 5 cents. (parrott) "when we go on our cellphone and we download an app, they want six percent. when weedownload itu
, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. low to mid 30s in washington, near the chesapeake bay. watch out. f that pavement looks wet. -- watch out if that pavement looks wet. it could be patchy ice. we'll have lots of sunshine today thanks to high pressure in the region. sunrise at 7:16. by 9:00, upper 30s. by noontime, the mid 40s. briefly in the mid to upper 40s for a time by mid-afternoon this afternoon. a westerly breeze. a look at your evening planner at 5:11. here's our monday commute. good morning. >>> good morning. looking good this morning. if you're taking the memorial bridge, low volume, not seeing anything in the roadways for you. outer loop looks really good. inner loop, as well, through montgomery county. no issues there. crossing over the sousa bridge, southeast bridges again very clear. no accidents, and no major delays at this time. and if you're crossing over the 14th street bridge, it is a breeze as you connect through the city and again, no issues. hey, i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. joe, back to you. >> danella, thank you very much. >>>
, in the low to mid 30s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax counties. the colder air is going to be with us throughout the day. these are the latest wind gusts. just had a gust of 43 miles per hour at martinsburg. and those strong, gusty winds will be us throughout the afternoon. and winter weather advisory out in the mountains, three to five inches of snow there. and for us, sunrise at 7:26. highs just near 40. we'll hold steady throughout the day with 50 mile-per-hour gusts and a few clouds racing through. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here traffic. >>> good morning. traveling i-270, some good news. had an accident at route 80 as you travel southbound on i-270. it's out of the roadway, but you're still jammed from 85 as you make your way to route 80. delays continue to clarksburg. then you'll get a little relief after you pass clarksburg road. now, as tom mentioned, hair today by mr. wind. cameras by mr. wind. i-270 at shady grove, no accidents heading toward the spur. no major delays yet. however, on the rails, marc, big delay. this one 15 minutes on the brunswick east.
, into fairfax and arlington counties, near 40 in prince george's county. panhandle of west virginia, into western maryland, shenandoah valley now in the mid 30s. what's been happening over the last 12 hours -- we had a cold front come through at 11:00 last night. had some sprinkles of rain around the metro area but farther west and north there was a quick dusting of snow. now we have some high clouds drifting from the north and west through a blue sky and those will be with us here through the afternoon. we will have our high temperatures reaching the mid and upper 40s with a west-southwesterly breeze. and that breeze will shift more into the southwest tomorrow and warm things up. we'll talk about that, how much longer that's going to last and a look at the weekend as well in just a few minutes. >> real's on a roller coaster with the weather. thank you, tom. >>> today, metro expands bus service to the mark center in alexandria. metrobus leesburg limited is adding more westbound trips in the afternoon. it added more eastbound trips during the morning rush. buss are running every 25 t
of hours. 33 bethesda. 32, arlington. 34 college park. 34 bellsville. even out to the west, it's still above freezing. 33 sterling. 34 out toward leesburg. so here's the deal. we're looking at snow over. clearing late tonight. roads just wet this evening. but some slick spots are possible tomorrow morning early in the morning. grab your umbrella on wednesday. and winter comes back here with a vengeance by the end of the week. all right, for tonight. clearing late and chilly. slick spots possible. low temperatures 28 to 34. winds west/southwest at about 10. so downtown, we're talking about temps right around freezing, either side. 31, 33. but you get out towards gaithersburg 29. 30 in bowie. even these temperatures are enough to cause problems on overpasses. 30 in reston. 28 leesburg. 28 in manassas. so talk about black ice. early in the morning, it's possible. a road may look wet, but it's actually frozen. that's what we call black ice. slow down. give a little extra distance between you and your friend in front of you. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and chilly. temps in the 30s and 40
officials say it's similar to arlington, which requires everyone to pay at metered spaces, cutting way down on the use of placards. >> they said it was night and day. before, it was difficult for anybody to find a space that was reserved for persons with disabilities. afterwards, there were spaces freed up, and that's what we're hoping for. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> the district will offer a grace period for parking in february, but then the city will start writing those tickets. >>> a new report shows our area has some of the best and worst driving laws in the country. d.c. and maryland both got green ratings, which means there are multiple laws to keep drivers safe here. virginia, though, got a red rating, putting it near the bottom of the category of driver safety. virginia got that low rating because it doesn't have a primary seat belt law or a no-teching-while-driving law. the report was compiled by the group advocates for highway and auto safety. >>> for a montgomery county woman who served four tours in afghanistan, the road to happiness always leads home to h
rests in our national cemetery on arlington heights. and when i answer the final muster, i shall rest beside her, comforted by her presence, and by the proximity of so many of my brave brothers, most of blue and the gray. thank you. [ applause ] >> it's a little difficult to come back to the 21st century after that, thank you, stephen. it was magnificent. [ applause ] >> you're welcome. >> if you have questions, please go to the microphone. let me ask the first one. tell us the story that we heard you begin to tell over a drink last night how you found larry and the subject and the reminiscents. >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] i -- this -- well, let me just preface it by saying, i think this is the third time i've performed this piece. and i did perform it once before gettysburg and once at west point. did some of you hear it before? yeah, i thought you had. but not all of you. i'm glad, i got stricken with panic when i was coming up here thinking, oh, my god, they've all heard this already. [ laughter ] but in any case, i -- larry -- larry is just a superb, eminent journalist. and knows how
.m. and midnight eastern and sundaes at 11:00 a.m. eastern. university of texas at arlington professor david narrett teaches a history course which examines early american history. the relationship between american freedom and slavery and the growth of the british empire in north america. in the following lecture professor narrett teaches about the seven years war or the french and indian war. this is about 1:20. >>> well, welcome to our class on colonial history at the university of texas at arlington. today our subject is the seven years war or the french and indian war. and as the two names tell us, this war has at least a dual meaning, really multi-facetted meaning because it was a conflict fought in various areas of the globe. it was a conflict that began in 1754 in and through that beginning of the war in north america france and britain came to be at war with each other. and formally in europe france and britain went to war against each other in 1756. by that time, as we'll see, their colonies in north america and their forces in north america were already joined in conflict so to und
at montgomery college in rockville. there are blue skies and height, can clouds parted 41 degrees in arlington. 37 degrees in leesburg and 36 in berkeley springs. mid-40's today with a lot of sunshine but we warm up to maroc and details will be coming off. >> we turn to florida. that is where mitt romney appears to be pulling out of his opponents going into the primary but a win there will not be enough to secure the gop nod. all three rivals have vowed to continue fighting. >> the american west end -- >> on the last day of campaigning in florida, mitt romney and newt gingrich are in attack mode but they found some common ground today. >> if i am president i will repeal obama care [applause] and returned to the american people the authority and responsibility for their own health care about the first that i last them to do is to repeal obama care entirely on january 3 or fourth so it is done. >> gingrich told "good morning america" that it would be difficult for romney to draw a parallel with obama. >> george soros said yesterday he is personally happy with obama or runyan, they are the same p
for a messy commute tomorrow morning. for a check on these conditions we go to arlington. >> add to this moment, we are not getting any rain out here. but the grass is frozen here in arlington. you can see that it is pretty well frozen, a lot of ice around it. fortunately, most of the roads are clear. onthat may be about to change. the crews are out trying to get ahead of the problem. salt trucks are getting loaded up. not just in d.c., but throughout our area there are hundreds of trucks trying to get ahead of the possible freezing rain on the way. the federal government also tried to get out ahead of things. you may remember last january. that big storms and the federal government was widely criticized for not getting its employees hold fast enough on that day. tomorrow morning, they're telling folks they do not want to hear too early. they want to prevent the rush hour mess that happened there. we got a call from the federal government strongly stressing that they do not want their employees to be on the road before 9:00 a.m. you will have an excused absence if you get there
conference. if we may get a confirmation on what was talked about. jummy olabanji reporting from arlington. >> thank you. now to the latest in the video that is sparking headlines throughout the world. four marines in this video which appears to show them urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters have reportedly been identified. at least two have been questioned by authorities as well. a criminal investigation underway. the charges could be filed. they are believed to be part of the third battalion second marine regiment from camp lejeune, north carolina. they returned back to the u.s. last fall. the legs are flying at half staff today in memory of a soldier killed in afghanistan. family and friends held a funeral service this morning for army specialist ronald wildrick in woodsboro. a funeral procession is headed to arlington national cemetery. these are live pictures. he will be buried. he died last month after his truck hit an ied in afghanistan. the man accused in a scandal involving former d.c. councilman harry thomas jr. is expected to plead guilty today. marshall bumwill admit tha
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